BK Designs does many types of services, below is an example of one of the most intensive, the logo design process.

Logo Design process

Step 1: The first conversation

During the first conversation the scope of the project is determined and a general idea of direction is determined.

Step 2: The proposal/contract

Once the first meeting is concluded a joint proposal/contract document is drafted determining the scope, timeline, cost, deliverable, and terms of agreement.

Step 3: proposal/contract approval and deposit

Upon receipt of signed proposal/contract and Deposit work can begin.

step 4: Meeting and research

Meeting with you to learn to learn more about the business, industry, audience, competition, and goals. Additional research is done after the meeting to further determine the intended audience and obtain a better idea of the industry.

step 5: inspiration

By looking through numerous logo design books and websites a general feel of what would work in the industry determined and can help with problem solving.

Step 6: Preliminary brainstorming and SKETCHING

Good old pencil and paper, nothing beats mind maps and sketching when exploring potential solutions.

step 7: Computer renditions

The top 4-6 concepts are refined and digitized of those the best 3 are solidified into a presentable form.

Step 11: client presentation

Presentation of 3 logo concepts and feedback with explanations.

step 12: Logo edits

Typically one concept is selected and refined, sometimes elements from two are combined. Variations are created based on feedback if necessary.

step 13: Final presentation of work, payment, and files submitted

Once a final logo is agreed upon a logo package is put together with a variety of file types for different uses. Final payment is accepted and logo package is handed over.